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Fresh Prawns

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Australian Banana Prawns available from Sept to Dec
Tigers available all year round

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Australian Banana Prawns
Australian King Prawns
Imported Tiger Prawns


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Fresh Cooked Prawns 

Australian King Prawns 

 Caught in the Spencer gulf in south Australia 

Australian Banana Prawns (Seasonal; Sept to Dec)

From the Gulf of Capentaria and over the top end the run of banana prawns is on and Trans Tasman Fisheries ties with fishers of these prawns means you now can have fresh cooked never frozen prawns that hold the sweetest flavour delivered to you. Order here> 

Tiger Prawns.

Being a direct importer and distributor of Tiger Prawns from south east Asia, Trans Tasman Fisheries has sourced and selected the highest grade the best quality green prawns that it cooks on site to give you a premium product at competitive prices all year round. Order here>  

Green Prawns.

As with the the banana prawns we have a selection of fresh green;  School and king prawns available during the the fishing seasons.  Order here>  

Farmed Prawns.

Trans Tasman Fisheries, transports live and fresh Tiger and Paradise prawns in from the farms of northern Australia and the tropics of the Pacific so that a you can be assured of consistent quality.  Order here>  

Prawn Recipes.

Prawns are perhaps the one seafood that lends itself to every culinary cuisine. Whether it be a hot Thai "Tom Yum soup", a Spanish "Paella" or a Indian "Tandoori" dish, Prawns are a key element of so many dishes

To inspire your creativity we recommend you to view recipes from the website of